Klængshóll is located in the North of Iceland on the Troll Peninsula.  The lodge is approximately 45 minutes from Akureyri and 20 minutes from Dalvík. 


AirIceland offers several flights daily between Reykjavík and Akureyri.  The flight is 45 minutes in duration.  Once you arrive in Akureyri you can arrange for a taxi service to take you to the lodge or use one of several car rental services available at the airport.


Reykjavík to Klængshóll Lodge (total trip time approximately 5.5 hours): 

  1. Follow signs for the main Road #1 out of town towards Akureyri (Vesturlandsvegur / Þjóðvegur.   
  2. You will go through a tunnel which is toll road (there is an optional route through Hvalfjörður which is free but adds an additional 40 minutes to the trip.  Continue on Road #1 for roughly 4 ½ hours. 
  3. Turn LEFT onto Ólafsfjarðarvegur (Road #82) towards Dalvík and Olafsfjördur.  
  4. Continue on Road #82 for 30.6km or roughly 27 minutes.  
  5. Take a left turn onto Road #807 towards Skíðadalur (Ski Valley) This is just before you come to Dalvík.  The river will be on your right side.   
  6. Continue on the road for 10.3 km passing a bend in the road and crossing over a bridge.  Shortly after this there will be a left turn to continue onto #807 (marked Skíðadalur) 
  7. The road becomes a gravel road –continue on this for 7.8 km until you reach a left turn crossing over a bridge.   
  8. At the end of this road (shortly after crossing the bridge) you will see a sign for Bergmenn Mountain Guides / Arctic Heli Skiing where you will turn to the right.  The lodge is just another minute down this road (the last farm in the valley).   


Akureyri to Klængshóll Lodge (total trip time from Akureyri approximately 50 minutes): 

  1. Take the main Road #1 out of Akureyri towards Reykjavík  
  2. Approximately 5-10 minutes out of town you will see a sign for Road #82- Dalvík, Ólafsfjörður and Siglufjörður – take a right here. 
  3. Follow directions starting at #4 above. 



65°47'53.64"N   |     18°36'18.34"W


For road conditions please refer to the following site: 

They provide information on pass closures and restrictions.  The drive from Reykjavík to Akureyri does go over a highland pass so you can expect snowy/icy conditions.